Alcohol Testers

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The ALCO MINI 08 is a breathalyser with which gives a reading of 2 decimals. It is small, compact stylish and has a very attractive blue screen.  Moreover, its mouthpiece is collapsible. It offers excellent value for money.


The ELITE APC- 80 is a breathalyser with an electrochemical sensor which ensures accurate and reliable results. The best technology on the market used by the police force. It offers test counters and when the legal limit is reached, the screen turns red and an audible alarm will sound.


The i Alco Supreme is a breathalyser that connects via Bluetooth to 4.3 version of Android phones and tablets and newer versions as well as those of Apple brand iOS 7 and newer versions. The i ALCO SUPREME allows you to view your alcohol blood level on your device!


The Prime Alcoscan AL2500 is a reliable, easy to use compact breathalyzer with simple one-button operation & large back lit display allows discreet use in the dark. An additional acoustic warning helps in the reading of results.


The APC-90 is a breathalyser with a premium electrochemical sensor and ensures reliable and accurate results. It has test counters, a low battery indicator, automatic alarm when the measurement is above 0.05% and a cigarette lighter socket in case your battery is flat. Excellent value.


The tester consists of a small glass tube containing yellow chemicals, which turn green in the presence of alcohol. The tube has an arrow indicating the direction in which the breath must be passed and also a red calibration line indicating the legal driving limit.

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